Partnering Opportunities

We are always looking for unique and interesting ideas for marketing our products through advertising and partnering with individuals and websites. If you believe you have a marketing opportunity we should pursue, or if you are looking for a website sponsor for a profitable venture, we'd like to hear from you. We are particularly interested:

  • Advertising opportunities on successful websites
  • Sponsorships of start-up or well established websites
  • Paid endorsements for our products
  • Developing reseller relationships for our products (more on reseller opportunities...)

Please email us at marketing [at] with a BRIEF overview of your proposed opportunity or project. This overview should include a brief summary of the following:

  • A link to the website
  • An explanation on why you think Postshadow should be interested in this proposal
  • A profile of your current or intended website visitor and why they may be interested in becoming a Postshadow customer
  • A description of the potential or current and future exposure
  • Any cost information

Once we recieve your information we'll evaluate it and communicate with you within a few weeks. By submitting information you must agree that your are not sending information that contains confidential or proprietary information, that Postshadow may be working on similar or identical projects to yours already, and that Postshadow will not be compensating you for projects or proposals we do not participate in.

Thank you for your interest in marketing opportunities with